January 18, 2011

The difference between slavery and abortion Pt. 2

*May 17th, 2009

 (These are one of a set of nine wax plaques to show the dissection of the female figure and fetus development. Vienna, Austria. Early 1800's. On display at in the Science portion of the South Kensington Museum in London.)

What confuses me is the difference between the two. I hate slavery. I hate that so many lives were destroyed by it in America from the early 1600's and well past the 1860's. I HATE seeing what slavery is doing to African people TODAY (i.e. LRA and other terrorist organizations). Young boys are stolen in the night and taught to be ruthless killers before they have lost all their baby teeth. Young girls are kidnapped and raped to be used until they are so broken and hopeless that they pray for death.

This is our America's past. And, is our world's current horror.

What boggles my (admittedly pathetic) brain is how we can be such a self-consumed society, that we fail to see the sin in destroying our own offspring. When the sperm enters the egg; it instructs cellular division AT ONCE. DNA is complete. We don't tell the baby to form, we don't monitor the development at that stage. It's too intricate. Life is set in motion. Usually, because we have chosen to participate in an activity that sets it in motion. Even among many Christian women…the blessing of a life inside them is seen as more of a burden and inconvenience; than a jewel of great price.

We rally for a, "greener" nation. We buy, "Earth Friendly" bags and proudly display them in the grocery store. We recycle. We walk to work. We worry about whether our children will live in a climate so cold they will freeze; or so hot they will be scorched. We contribute funds to help the Salmon (at least here in Oregon). We scowl disapprovingly at the person smoking in a proximately that will taint our own children's airways. We grow sad at the thought of forests and wetlands disappearing as the sacrificial virgin for new homes and shopping centers.

We regulate and control ourselves in so many ways regarding our Mother Earth. We are willing to sacrifice and work hard to help her. We are disgusted by people who litter. We talk incessantly about providing a better world for our children…and that it won’t happen unless we work at it today. Yet, it seems like our sexual activities should be consequence free. It is admirable to use restraint and walk to the store—rather than to be lazy and drive. But, NO ONE should tell any of us when or how we can enjoy our bodies.

Even if that enjoyment means that 1, 2, or maybe even 8 months later, a child will need to be burned to death by salt, torn out of the womb by a vacuum so powerful that the baby’s body parts look like they have been put through a blender, or pulled out by a foot, partially delivered…only to be grasped by the back of the neck by the concerned doctor’s hands, and then have his or her brains sucked out of a small hole made by scissors at the base of the neck.

We become awkward when the discussion of abortions comes up. We would never condemn a woman to carry a child she DIDN'T want, to term. We would never assert our values and beliefs onto someone else. We are so afraid to draw lines in the sand, that good, well-meaning people elect our newest president. Perhaps because they don't think the pro-life agenda should be a federal mandate. Maybe because they think his good outweighs the bad. Maybe because of Iraq (and Afghanistan). Maybe because they think our earth is headed for trouble--and he will help. Maybe they are pro-choice.

About one million of our own children are aborted every year.

I just wonder if, a few hundred years from now...when science has allowed us to see even more of the pain the unborn experience. The brain waves that are stopped, the cries that are muffled. If we will look back at our, "Modern America," today and think, "We were such fools! Why didn't we ACT sooner?"

And the grief that accompanies the, "Sin," that slavery brought to our nation...will be felt for our unborn children. Sacrificed for convenience, for equality, and because we were too afraid to offend.

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