October 23, 2008

Walk around campus





  1. those are so gorgeous. let me know if you want me to tweek them with my new photo program for you encase you want to keep them and blow them up for the house or something. such beautiful precious children you have. also, there is a great website i found for awesome blog templates. you could really do a cute one with your "wonderful life" theme. let me know if you want the site or if i can help you do one. miss seeing and talking to u. did i mention "it's a wonderful life" is my all time (i mean all time) favorite. so i love your quotes and your blog address!!!!! love ya and take care! amy ;)

  2. Amy! I am just now seeing your comment. I TOTALLY want to check out the blog website you found. I'm really trying to wrap my brain around this still. I'm slowly going to wean myself off myspace/facebook. Even though I like the social aspect--I think I really need to manage my time better. I thought blogspot would be more beneficial that way. We are going to have to have a movie night!!! With kids even...

  3. These are such beautiful pictures! I can't wait for fall, this southern heat is just too much these days!


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