November 8, 2009

New Goings On

So...blogging once every 6 months is okay--right?

We are moving out. We haven't sold our house. We are hoping that when me and the mess-makers are out, it sells. We will live with my sister-in-law for a month and a half. Jason comes home. Then off to Louisiana.

And, oh yeah--we got our referral on Tuesday.

Let me tell you the story: Kids were puking, house was NOT being packed up. I decided to call Holt and find out where we were on the waiting list. Just for a nice distraction. So, I call and find out that we aren't on the list at all. A few months ago, we had discussed putting our case on hold until November. This was to make sure Jason would be able to travel. I asked to be put back on the list, please. I explained that we would likely have more than enough time to travel. Our very wonderful case worker said, "Just to warn you...referrals are coming in really quickly. There actually isn't a list right now." Ok. That's great...I'm thinking a few months is fast.

So I get off the phone and go in my room to pray. Something has been bothering me about our adoption. I knew that we didn't get to choose the sex of the child. And, in complete honesty, I knew that I would love a boy or a girl JUST the same. But I hadn't told God, that for some reason...I wanted another girl. So, I asked. I started praying something like this, "Dear God. I know you already know my heart--but I need to get this off my chest. I want a girl. I don't know if that's bad or not. But, it's true. Holt said referrals should be I just thought you should know. Amen."

TWO HOURS later Holt called and said, "We have a 7-month old girl for you."

Wow. God, you're quick.

I also think it's highly appropriate that Reagan's referral came so fast. All my deliveries were super speedy. Our first son took 1 hour and 45 minutes. From the first pain, to his first cries.

Even though our lives are more than crazy; ice cream gets put in the fridge, kids have to remind me that it's time to feed them again, and I get confused what each of my children's real names are.

God is good.

So, so good.

I'm not kidding about the crazy.


  1. I just realized you have a blog! I much prefer blogging to FB. I added you to my blog list and I'm following.

    That picture of you kids is so completely adorable. Love the tiny snow man!

    Praise God you're getting your girl. My Aunt works for Holt International out of Eugene. She and her husband adopted a Samoan baby.

    I'm praying your house sells!

    God Bless,

  2. Congrats! Your little girl will be home soon : )

  3. Jackie! I love the title of your blog :-) That's awesome that your aunt works for Holt!!

    Megan, Thanks--it's so fun to meet other adoptive patents!

  4. I hope you can find some raw milk, soon! Don't know what the raw milk laws are like in LA. It varies so much from state to state. Good luck!


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