September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

Because I still can't believe he's mine.
Because I'm thankful for his friendship these past eleven years.
Because he had my heart the first time he pushed me down in the snow. The first time I heard him call his mother. The first time he met my family and was left for dead with all my brothers and sisters. The first time he laid those stolen tulips on my parent's doorstep when I had cold feet...

Doggedly loyal.
Idiosyncratically intelligent.
Funny. Loud.
Fiercely in love with his children.
Makes his wife feel like a supermodel.

Because I know his parents would be exploding with pride
 at who their son has become.
Just like we are.
Because he never gave up on me.
Because he has anchored his family to something bigger than who we are today.
Because he dreams big dreams with me.
Because he didn't let others determine his path.

Because I'm so thankful for the day he was born,
I wanna say,

Happy Birthday Jason.

We love you and can't wait for you to come home~


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