July 18, 2008

George Bailey

  • Little Mary: Is this the ear you can't hear on?
    [whispering in his bad ear]

Little Mary: George Bailey, I'll love you 'til the day I die.

  • George: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary.

Mary: I'll take it. Then what?

George: Well, then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see... and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair... am I talking too much?

  • Man on Porch:Why don't you kiss her instead of talking her to death?
George: You want me to kiss her, huh?

Man on Porch:Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people.

  • George: You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids?

  • George: Now, will you do something for me?
Zuzu: What?

George: Will you try and get some sleep?

Zuzu: I'm not sleepy. I want to look at my flower.

George: I know-I know, but you just go to sleep, and then you can
dream about it, and it'll be a whole garden.

Zuzu: It will?

George: Uh-huh.

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