January 15, 2009


Mr. Deem has officially been gone 72 hours. The first day was really hard. Jason is a very ALIVE person to have suddenly missing from the home. I miss his loud voice, his particular way of doing everything, and just having my friend around. Ked and Grant have been asking the hardest questions. I think it's a little more complicated for them to understand. I don't want them to stop asking. Jason's only fear about leaving was that Grant wouldn't remember him when he got back. We recorded some videos of Jason reading to the kids. I plan on watching them once a week or so. I think Grant will remember...

We've been getting a lot more school done, these past three days. Before Mr. D left, we were so busy getting his transcripts, getting paperwork for the Dossier, talking to his recruiter, and finishing calculus. (Thank-you Jesus! He didn't think he would pass.) The kids weren't getting a whole lot done. That's an understatement. They weren't getting
anything done. I really wasn't worried though. I was home schooled my whole childhood, and I know that especially with just two, it will be easy to catch up. Ked even did her school work yesterday. It was cute--her job was to draw straight lines. They looked like a 97-year-old wrote them. They were adorable lines!

We have roughly 168 days of Mr. Deem being gone. Sometime soon we should be able to send off our Dossier. They decided that I needed to have another home study, since the last one was so rushed. I'm going to try and post more regularly. If I learned to do
anything with a determinable amount of regularity in my life--it would be a great accomplishment.

Jason called right before he got on the plane in Boise. This is kind of funny...because it is SO Jason. He has a few minutes to talk to his wife before boot camp--and he's talking politics. He said that Walter E. Williams was subbing for Rush Limbaugh on the show. A caller asked Mr. Williams why he hadn't been talking about Mrs. Williams. He went on to say that she passed away December of '07. :-( Jason and I always love hearing him talk about his wife. He refers to her only as, "Mrs. Williams." His stories about her are hilarious, and heartwarming (hum-yes alliteration). Anyway, Jason and I decided we both wouldn't mind if we referred to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Deem. So be forewarned.


  1. Mrs. Deem :-)

    Just wanted you to know I saw your comment on my blog and found yours :-) My dh was in the military for 22 years--separation is so hard! I will be thinking about you and praying for you! My dh traveled long and often when he was on active duty and working for the White House and one thing we would do is make a paper chain for each day he would be gone--then remove one each day until he got home. It helped little ones concretely see the days HOWEVER my dh was never gone for over 60 days and so perhaps the kids (and you) would be too overwhelmed to see so many links. Perhaps it is an idea for when you get down to 100 days :-)
    Blessings to you and nice to meet you! Ann--also from God's Country

  2. i'm so glad you're going to be posting more. i always check your site, when i see kennedy in the leaves i wonder if you have checked out as a blogger and thrown in the towel. you're doing a great job! you have so much on your plate. i know this sounds bad, but just when i start feeling sorry for my situation i can look at you and realize it could always get worse. sorry if that sounds bad, but it is really a compliment because you are such an inspiration. keep up the good work!
    amy :)


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