February 8, 2009

Let's Wrastle

I've been trying to read to the kids.

Mostly because I heard the recommended amount of television time by the American Academy of Pediatrics is a piddly 2 hours! I have to say that my children have been doing
much better than the recommended time. They are tough. I also learned that children under 2 shouldn't be watching any television at all. When I told Grant this, he cried.

"Ma-mote? Ma-mote? MA-MOTE!!!!" As if showing me where the remote was located would change my steely resolve. "No dear. I love you too much to allow you to become overweight, violent, participate in risky behavior and additionally--reinforce gender-role and racial stereotypes." I really pulled the floor out from underneath him.

I hear him calling, "Unh-er Pets! Unh-er Pets!" And,"Doe Diedo DOE!" As he wanders aimlessly about the house. (
Wonderpets and Go Diego Go, respectively.)

So anyway, Jason's been gone about 4 weeks, and we have holes in our heads where eyeballs used to be as a result. I don't mean to watch so much, but it's been cold and yucky, and we are
homeschooling after all. This means we are home a lot. Most importantly; during our bonding with tele, I can stare into space for vast amounts of time. I know all the while that they are gathered on the couch safely-- like little hens on a roost. Being thus hypnotized by Lenny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming, too.

So back to the
reading. Reading is when you sit down...or stand if you prefer...and simply interpret the combination of letters on the page. Sometimes there will be no pictures, which can be slightly disappointing. Then, you have to use something called your imagination. (I haven't much use for it, but I do like to get it out on occasion while I'm driving. "If I didn't have kids in the car I'd such and such!" ) The kids usually end up enjoying these "reading sessions." And, I suppose it's something I should do more often.

One thing that threw me for a loop during story time-- was the climbing upon. The children seem to know that I am weak and vulnerable in a semi-reclined position...and they climb upon me. I really couldn't figure out what they wanted. Particularly the boys. They would giggle and laugh and jump on my back. They would say things like, "Hi-yah!" or even worse, "Choke HOOOLD!" I would ask them if they wanted me to read or not...

Then one day I asked Lincoln, "What's with all this jumping on me? Everytime I get down on the floor with you guys, you're crawling all over me."

He sighed his little 184-year-old sigh and gently put his hand on my arm. "Mom," he said. "Sometimes when little boys jump on your back or crawl on you, it means they want to wrestle around." He looked me straight in the eyes, "Don't you remember Dad doing that with us?"

"Oh." I said sheepishly. "Of course."

Thunk. Duh. Stupid me!!! Not only am I creating little television delinquents. I'm a stupid girl who needs to learn how to wrestle.

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  1. Sometimes, at certain times in our lives, giving our kids a bigger dose of TV than we would really like to is a survival tactic. When I was pregnant with #7 I was on bedrest and my kids watched way too much TV--but you know what? They survived--and for me, it was all about survival. There are times, like in the sunny Oregon summer and fall, when my kids never watch TV--I figure it all evens out in the end.
    You do what you need to during this challenging time. If it keeps you sane quit feeling guilty about it :-)


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