May 6, 2009

The bedtime gap

Jason has 7 1/2 more weeks of Officer Candidate School. After that, he will be home for 4 weeks. I cannot wait to have somebody who is capable of unclogging the toilet, in arm's reach!

Our house if officially, "For Sale." There is still a ton of work to be completed. I'll get to it eventually...

Two days ago Jason was chosen to be the, "Student Company Commander, " for week 7 of OCS. He's pretty honored. One guy is picked every week, out of the 160 odd guys there.

We are still thinking we will end up overseas. He has a few more months of training after OCS. We probably won't leave the states until the end of the year.

He finds out in two weeks what his official job will be. He's hoping for Military Intelligence.

By the time Jason is home again, our Dossier paperwork should be completed. It seems like it is taking forever...but having him on the other side of America make things complicated.

I know this is a random post. Honestly I am just avoiding mopping the floors. I thought I would catch people up while I sulked.

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