May 16, 2011

Seven months too many...

I only thought to get a couple pics, but Jason is home for R & R.  
He's checking out Kennedy's loose tooth in the last two. 
It's crazy to me how normal it feels to have him home again. The military prepares soldiers for their families to not need them, and for life to be different when they come home. 
And, life is different.
  However, there is a place for Jason in our family that can never be taken by anyone or anything.

Reagan hopped out of the van and ran straight into his arms. Which was pretty significant to us, since she has officially spent more time away from him than she has with him. Since he's been home, we have gotten in arguments over who the real daddy is. I'll say, "Where's daddy?" She'll point at the computer. When Jason says, "No, I'm daddy!" She'll giggle and say, "Noooo. *points to computer* Dat Daddy!"

Jack sat in the van on the way home and kept saying, "I feel like this is a dream." He had a goofy smile on his face for a whole ten minutes. Before the honeymoon wore off and his started bickering with his other backseat siblings.

 It is AMAZING to be through the bulk of the deployment.
 I know we still have a ways to go...and I can't predict the future. 
But, I'm feeling pretty thankful for what we have as a family. 

Can't complain.

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