August 8, 2010

Date Night

Friday night we went on a date! Lincoln took a picture for us before we all loaded up in the van. Like our Narnia lamp?  The church our neighbors invited us to a while back, happened to be having a, "Kids Night Out." Babies to grade-schoolers were entertained, watched and FED from 6pm to 9pm. Now, that's what I call ministry! Especially in a military town--there are so many families like us; who are new to the area, far from family, and without regular babysitters.

Our friends, the Holts, took Jason and I out to Cecil's Cajun Cafe. It was really good. And it was so nice that they paid. We are broke, broke, broke. We were very blessed by the whole night. It seemed like God was just giving us a brightly wrapped gift. For no good reason.  Afterward, the Holts checked on our little kids for us, while they picked up their son. At that point we still had 2 hours of free babysitting!
"Let's walk around town!" I said. 
Jason's shoulders hunched: "Okay. Um, just like...walk around? For no reason? In the humidity?"
So we walked around downtown DeRidder. Checked out the courthouse. Peered in the windows of the museum. Wandered back to the courthouse and sat on the steps. And...sat. Watched people walk into Cecil's. Sat some more. Watched a black squirrel scurry around, eying us suspiciously. Talked about how much we missed Oregon. Talk got drowned out by THE loudest cicada we'd ever heard! Then we talked about the crazy bugs in Louisiana. Then... we ... sat.
I looked at Jason, and tried to say telepathically, "Let's go for an adventure!!!" 
He looked at me and said un-telepathically, "Um, so, are you ready to go pick up the babies now?"
Me: "But, we still have an hour and a half of FREE babysitting!"
Jason: "I know. But...there's nothing to do. And, I miss the kids."
  I'm battling the realization of how boring we actually are.
I'm so thankful for the ways God provides for us. For the babysitting. For the older boys getting to go to a bounce house and eat pizza. For caring nursery attendants for Reagan and Grant. For fun pre-school activities for Ked. For friends that are willing to foot the bill for dinner.  For a husband who will walk around a small town in Lousiana, just to make me happy. 

I'm not sure what I thought we'd end up doing. Spontaneously break into dance on the courthouse steps? Meet old friends and talk about the good old days? Watch the sunset and reminisce about the first time we met? 
How about walk around aimlessly, watch squirrels and listen to a REALLY loud cicada? 
Yeah. I guess that will do.

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