August 3, 2010

The Not So Dynamic Duo

I have always suspected that my husband and I had rare talents. It is now confirmed that we both have a genetic predisposition for procrastination. We are golden at getting absolutely NOTHING done in the others' presence. Except finding, making or caring for babies. We are good at those things.

Sunday, Jason and I vowed that Monday night would be the night we would tackle the school room. Books, board games, costumes, crayons, papers, toys and who knows what else. They have all managed to jump out of their storage boxes and scatter themselves on the floor. Since we moved in--that space has been beyond me. You cannot walk into the room without stepping on something. This results in me often closing the I don't have to think about it.

So Monday, I mentally prepared for the school room task. "Gonna do it. Gonna do it. PICK UP THE MESS!!!" (I'm not very creative when it comes to mantras.) We said only 30 minutes. That's how long we would devote to sorting and cleaning. Jason came home from work. I rushed the boys to a dentist appointment. Hurried back home and we all ate a quick dinner. Time for our task!

"Are you ready to clean, honey?" Mr. Deem asked. 

"YOU BET!" said I.

"But first I'm gonna make some bread real quick, so we can have it for lunch tomorrow."

Husband, "Yeah, and I was really hoping to show the boys some more wrestling moves, and watch some U.F.C. with them..."

Somehow, I spent three hours in the kitchen. And, he spent three hours rolling on the floor with the boys, helping them nurse smacks to the face, knees to the stomach, and the age old...foot to the crotch.

After the kids were tucked into bed, we both marveled at how we STILL hadn't made it to the school room.

Jason: "So, maybe we should go spend like 15 minutes in there tonight. No big deal."

Sarah:  "Good idea..."


Jason: "Oh, just an F.Y. I., I realized we still hadn't watch the voting-off show of last week's, So You Think You Can Dance, and I know you wanted to see it. So, if you want to watch it tonight, we could." 

Sarah:  "Even better idea!"

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