August 31, 2010

The Naked Visitor

Yesterday Mr. Deem had the day off.  After we put the kids down for their afternoon naps...we went to work on our more-ambitious-than-we-can-ever-really-complete, "To do" list. We settled down in the homeschool room to unpack books.

After a bit, I heard Grant foolin' around in his room and went to check on him.

"Mom can I get up now?" 

"Um. No.You haven't even fallen asleep yet! Wait a little bit longer. Get some sleep."

I left him and felt confident in my son's ability to be normal.

Oh silly me. After all...I'm his mother!

About 20 minutes later, our neighbor knocked on the door. 

With our youngest son. 

He was wearing green sandals. 

A blue striped t-shirt

And that's about it.

Mr. Deem thanked her profusely. Muttered something like, "Well THIS is embarrassing." And, brought the little escapee back in the house. My husband sat the runaway on his robot bedsheets--intending to give him a stern talking to, and a good beating. But, it was at least 10 minutes before he could talk straight-faced to the naked, rueful, cheesily grinning 3-year-old.

You see...aparently, the neighbors had watched our son stand on his bed--naked, and attempt to push up the window that lies at the foot of said bed. From the mouth of our son, he states that his first attempt to leave was sucessful. However, after getting out the window and to the yard, he got scared and ran back in. Then, he put on his sandals.  Pulling on pants never seemed to cross his mind. He grabbed a shirt, crawled through the 8-inch opening that had been made, and left again. 

Then, he ran, "Yike dis!" (Imagine a 3-year-old with little fists in the air, and bent arms doing a running motion.) "Den I cwossed the street. BUT! I yooked both ways, yike dis, and dis, and dis!" (Imagine same 3-year-old looking left then right, then left again.) THEN, he supposedly crossed the street to our neighbors, and put his face to the window of their front door, until they opened it. When the mommy neighbor asked him if his parent's knew he was not at home...he ran from her. He says she ran after him, and then, "Yet (let) me hold her hand."

Lord. Thank-you that some bad guy didn't get my son. Thank-you that Jason was home to get him in trouble for running away while I laughed in the other room. Thank-you for good neighbors. And, thank-you for this little, bare-butted, adorable, funny child.

p.s. I don't actually advocate nakedness. It's just something new that seems to have come on Grant's radar. That is: changing clothes, taking them off, putting some back on, but maybe not all. Hopefully the neighbors aren't too scarred.


  1. OH my! That is hilarious ~ a little frightening, too, but hilarious! Two of my kids preferred to be naked most of their early years. They seem to be turning out OK in spite of their early aversion to clothes. Thanks for the laugh~

  2. *Phew* I'm glad naked doesn't always turn out delinquents! ;-)


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