December 15, 2010

I'm sorry...

I added a music playlist to Petals of Zuzu

I know I shouldn't have.

I know that sometimes a person (mom) who reads this will be doing it late. When the kids are asleep. I hate that frantic feeling...trying to locate the, "mute" button when unexpected music starts.

I know it's annoying.

I don't really like music playing in the background of other people's blogs.

A few can pull it off.

But, mostly...
I can only do one thing. at. a. time.

Listen or read.

That's how simple I am.

I'm sorry.

I love music. Who doesn't? I miss singing. I miss being moved.

I don't know why God doesn't make us all rock stars.

(Ha. It's really funny to imagine all your friends and family as rock stars. Try it. The musical styles are endless.)

And, I just couldn't. Resist.

I'll probably take it down...someday.

 Please understand.

This lady is entertained easily.

The playlist was fun to make.


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