December 3, 2010

Shadows, shots and the best hugs on earth

Yesterday was just one of those days.

It started out with me feeling pretty pathetic, and ended with me feeling incredibly lucky.

I've had a cold for a couple weeks. Right after Thanksgiving, I thought I had kicked that sucker out the door! But, alas...soon I was coughing a ridiculous amount. Like, 30 minutes straight. I get light-headed pretty easily. I have really low blood pressure and think that must have something to do with it.(?)  Maybe my body is just too lazy to get the blood where it needs to be fast enough. Anyway, the coughing fits were freaking me out some, because I kept blacking out a little. Can you black out a little

During one of said coughing fits, a friend called and DEMANDED to take my children while I went to the doctor. Okay, she really didn't have to twist my arm at all. I really love my kids...but an hour or two away from them is heaven.

She picked them up and totally made Grant's day by letting him ride in her, "BYUE VAN wit a TV in it!" and then letting him eat apples to his gluttonous heart's content. By the way; what an amazing group of women God has placed in my life! All of them. Amaze me. The ones I've met through adoption. The ones I've met through the Army. The friends I left back home. The ones God gave me as family. I can't really wrap my brain around this as a world-wide phenomenon. I have to believe that I really know 50 or so of the MOST amazing women on the planet. 

Off the rabbit trail: Couldn't get an appointment. Walked into the ER, waited only a little while. Got right in to a doctor. I apologized profusely for using the ER for a cold, but said my husband's deployed and I had a sitter, blah, blah, blah, and by the way, this cough sucks! The doctor didn't lecture me. Told me I had bronchitis. Sent a nurse in for a shot in the rear (lower hip?), showed me how to use an inhaler, and voila! No screaming children. No irritated doctors. No stress finding a babysitter. It all landed on my lap. Miracles happen every day.

When I went to pick up the kids, I made a beeline for Reagan. I hadn't left her at their home before and was kind of worried about her being anxious. When she heard my voice, she ran to me and gave me THE BEST HUG EVER! We're talking, arms fully encircled around my neck, legs wrapped around my waist. She just doesn't do that. I have to show her where to put her appendages usually. She also kept looking up with the happiest grin and saying, "Hi," and then putting her head back on my shoulder. (super happy sigh) It was amazing. AMAZING. I know it doesn't sound like much...but when you've had months of sad cuddles, hesitant hugs, and owie cuddles only given because of obvious pain...this was truly awesome. Later that night  we had bottle time. I hadn't gotten the bottle off the stand yet,  and she was in my arms waiting. You know what? She waited. And snuggled. And smiled. With no bottle in sight. This is also a first.  She still was history as soon as the bottle was gone, and I know that we still have a lot of trust to build. Still. STILL! I am so thankful for those little gifts. Reciprocal love is pretty awesome.  If it's not there--there is no excuse for me to give up. It's just nice to see. To know that her little heart is melting, too.

Finally. While we were watching Ratatouille last night. I thought I saw a shadow in the hallway. Then I saw the shadow hop. Then I saw hopping. I remained calm.

"Jack, did I just see your toad hop down the hallway?"

"No, she can't get out."

hop. hop. hop. (menacing toad grin)  hop.

"JACK! I DID just see your toad hop down the hallway! GET HER NOW!"

(Jumping off the couch) "Okay! Where is she? Which one is it?"

"She's behind the couch, and it's your new toad."

(After a little frog rodeo) "Whoa, mom it IS the new toad. How did you know?"

(All mysteriously) " I told you when you got her, I had a feeling about that one."

"Wow mom. You really DO know everything."

(I didn't tell him that I had seen that stupid toad try to escape MANY times. I like him thinking I know everything.)

The things I do for love.

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