December 6, 2010

We've been waiting for you...


We are not complete without you.
We love you now.

 Even with the love we have for you today. And, the love that will grow in tomorrow...our love pales to the powerful love and grace our Heavenly Father has for you! You are a miracle, and so beautifully designed by Him. He has placed you in our lives--and for that we are so humbled and thankful.

 We are broken-hearted with you, that you cannot be with your first momma and daddy.

 We think of you continually. Even though we are sad to be apart from you, we have prayed that God would fill you with peace. And, lots of smiles! We pray that you would know joy.

You are more precious than gold. We will come for you soon! We love you baby girl~

 Your Family
(March 2010)

Reagan found her stocking the other day, while we were unpacking Christmas decorations. It made me realize how long we have been waiting for her. I bought that stocking around Christmastime last year. We started with our adoption agency in October of 2008.

She opened the tub, and went straight for HER stocking. Something about seeing her hold it filled me with thankfulness and awe.

 I'm so glad she is spending this Christmas with our family, and not in a care center...

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