February 14, 2011


Since the three olders have started going to school, I've realized even more, what a hermit I am. I want to be outside. I love to have soulful conversations with friends. I crave time with my parents and siblings. I want to challenge myself, learn new things, make a difference in the world around me, and be apart of the general chaos of life. 

But...I honestly get lost in my family. It's not that I don't completely enjoy hanging out with other people. I never get tired of knowing someone better. Any someone. But, as much as it's made me insane to be here so constantly with the kids. I really, emphatically, truly enjoy the company of my children. 

I can't help but see them all as little clocks...slowly ticking away our time with each other.

I know. 
That's kind of depressing.










 Childhood is fleeting.

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