January 23, 2011

Exhibit A

I'd like to title this, "Why we were late for church today."

Reagan's sportin' a bed head fro.

You can tell who was the mastermind by the guilt on his face.

This one is blurry, but Grant's face kills me.

Bobby Brown shadows and blush...
Every single lipstick, eyeshadow, lotion, foundation, gloss, mascara...that could be, was opened. You obviously can't see it, but most of the powder and chunks of lipstick ended up on the floor underneath. When I found them, Grant was furiously trying to get all the lids back on the containers. Like I wouldn't notice...

Not even sure what to do about this. Our vacuum's motor went out a few weeks ago. This is when they moved into the living room and got into Kennedy's makeup. It's some kind of creamy blush.

First attempt at washing it off. Reagan wasn't sure if they were still in trouble or not...

Third or fourth scrubbing. Grant knew he was free and clear.


I know they are cute and all...but please consider that while they were out joyriding around the house with makeup: Three Bobby Brown longwear gel eyeliners were sent to the graveyard, four tubes of lipstick were ruined, two mascaras, multiple shadows were turned to powder, the carpet was ruined, and two sections of wood trim were stained.  I wish I could sue them for damages. Little punks.

Okay. I'm sure the carpet and trim could probably be cleaned. So, in that case I'd like to sue them for pain and suffering.

This is why I can't have nice things, shouldn't wear makeup, and should just skip showering all together. 

Come to think of it, bad things always happen when I'm in the bathroom.


  1. It's a crying shame to see Bobby Brown makeup treated so badly, on another note it makes some pretty hilarious pictures.

  2. Makeup is so last century. And you don't have to give up showering completely - I find twice a week is a nice schedule... my husband hasn't left me yet, but I don't have any new friends to distract me from my kids.

  3. I showed this post to Andrew as proof that this does not ONLY happen at our house (aka: I am not a negligent mother!) :)

  4. You poor girl! What a mess. Good thing your kids are so stinking cute! And they are CUTE!

  5. I can totally relate to your desire to sue your children, and I have a makeup stained bathroom that almost matches yours... but I am totally laughing! you have adorable kids and it's so great that you took pictures of them in such a state instead of screaming and furiously trying to find a handy pair of handcuffs like I would be doing!
    (ok, maybe not the handcuffs... tempting tho!ha!)


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