January 28, 2011

First haircut

I've been afraid to cut Ray's hair for awhile now.  I loved watching how fast it was growing. She has beautiful hair. However, the bald spot she came home with was about 3 inches shorter than the rest of her hair. And, I have gone to THREE different salons that have told me they don't cut, "baby hair." :(

This morning while she was in the bath tub I totally freaked her out and started, "trimming." Sorry babe. just a teeny-weeny trim.

Actually. I cut a lot.

Holy smokes! SO much easier to comb out with it all closer to the same length.  

It's a little shorter in the back still; but I wish I would have done this sooner. 

 Now we can get back to important things like hiding toys.


 And giggling.

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  1. It's fun seeing pictures of her being a little girl. I think some of the body language of little kids must be universal. I see Babee do the same lolling around on the floor move. Except for he doesn't have Grant to join him so he's always patting the floor next to him asking if I'll take a "na" down there with him.
    I wish i could be there to see some of the boys' games! I feel like I'm missing out on some sort of rite of passage from being little boys.


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